In ielts reading tips of completing notes or a summary

Let’s Start :- In ielts reading tips of completing notes or a summary

in ielts reading tips4. Completing Notes or a Summary.

In this lesson, Candidates are asked to write only one word to complete some notes on the given topic. For this type of question, first of all, skim the passage to find the keyword in the paragraph concerned with the answer, and then scan to find the exact word.

Tips and tricks: – Skim and scan technique will work on it. Target the keywords of the question to find the answer. Remember to focus on Proper nouns, random capital letters, numbers, special characters of text etc.

Paragraph of Passage

From our earliest origins, man has been making use of glass. Historians have discovered that a type of natural glass – obsidian – formed in places such as the mouth of a volcano as a result of the intense heat of an eruption melting sand – was first used as tips for spears. Archaeologists have even found evidence of man-made glass which dates back to 4000 BC; this took the form of glazes used for coating stone beads. It was not until 1500 BC, however, that the first hollow glass container was made by covering a sand core with a layer of molten glass.

Look at the questions 1 and 2.

Early humans used a material called 1__________ to make the sharp points of their 2__________

Keyword for these answers:-early humans, material, make sharp points.

Paragraph No. 1:- In the first line, a phrase is found (our earliest origins) which is synonymous to early humans– obsidian –. Writer says “Historians have discovered that a type of natural glass”, Next answer is spears, “The synonyms of sharp points is tips of spears.” (Was first used as_____).

Look at the question 3.

4000 BC: 3 __________ made of stone were covered in a coating of man-made glass.

Keyword for these answers:-4000 BC, stone, coating, man-made glass.

Paragraph No. 1:-we can see the references from the question to the keywords like “man-made glass, 4000 BC, coating and stone”. So, the thing that was made of stone was beads.

In next post we will learn about Short Answer.

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