ielts writing task 2 structure and important vocabulary

writing task 2Let’s start:- ielts writing task 2 structure and important vocabulary (Connectors).

In this Post, I’ll outline exactly what you must do to create an IELTS Writing Task 2 essay structure that could score a Band 7, 8 or 9 and also you get useful vocabulary (Connectors) which will definitely improve your writing skill.

Writing task -2

Minimum -250 words

Maximum -300 words

Time    -40 minutes

Question types

  • Agree, disagree, partial (with opinion/ without opinion)
  • Problem-Solution (with/without view)
  • Cause-effect (opinion (if asked))
  • Two views (opinion)
  • One view (opinion asked or not)

Structure of Writing Task 2

  ielts writing task 2 structure

Structure of Introduction

ielts writing task 2

Government, investment, in the arts, such as music and theater, is a waste of money; Govt. must invest this money in public services instead.

To what extent do you agree or disagree. Do you agree or disagree.

Introduction (Do not put front of paragraph)

Government’s expenditure should be used for necessary. Things like transport, education, infrastructure and economy etc. According to statement, Authority’s should allocate sufficient fund for promoting music and arts as these kinds of entertainment activities help adults as well as children to get much relaxation, reduce their tensions and stresses in their busy day to day life. From my point of view, countries should employ most of their funds in important public services such as education, health and transport systems. I am partial with this statement because No doubt, public services should be essential but the importance of music, art etc cannot be neglect-able.

Connectors for Body Paragraph 1

To start with, To begin with, in starting, in beginning, initially, to initialize etc.

To begin with, there are several reasons why music, arts etc. has been significance. Firstly music and arts is a good source of relaxation which is extremely necessary in today’s world with relax mind, people can concentrate on their daily work effectively. Secondly, music is not only a recreation activity; people can also make their career in such a field. To illustrate/ for example/ to exemplify, Justin Beiber  pursue his career in music rather than study. Thus, he is a legendary Hollywood singer.

Note: – Do not write an example longer (You can only write an example in one line or One and half line like Justin Beiber Example.

Connectors for Body Paragraph 2

(However, to contradict, instead of, on the contrary, in opposite)

To contradict, the most important sector of the economy is the education as the development of in this sector is one of the crucial requirements for a sustainable growth of a country in a long run. The governments all over the world have the responsibility to ensure that every citizen of the country is educated, at least to read and write. The investment in this sector will be in the form of establishing more schools, universities and vocational training centers for the school drop-outs and also providing scholarships for continuing higher education and placements for better career.

Connectors for Conclusion

(In conclusion, to conclude, to elucidate, to summaries, weighting up both arguments)

To conclude, both types of facilities have their significant role for development of a nation which depends on authority’s budget and people’s requirements.  The government should invest some money to improve arts creation because it has a big opportunity to make a country more successful and some on other purposes.

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